Photogallery Update Schedule NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photogallery Update Schedule NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by KrissyMarie on Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:47 pm

Hi guys!!

I have a new photogallery update schedule!!

I used to update with 2 photogalleries weekly, and now I will be updating with 1 new photogallery on Saturdays and sometimes a second photogallery update on another day!

My site is gonna focus more on the sex and crazy wild side of me in my videos from now on and instead of one video per week now it will be bumped up to TWO new videos posted weekly! On Mondays and Thursdays!!

I will also be updating with 2 hour long cam show archive videos weekly too! On Tuesdays and Fridays! (So this is actually 4 videos being posted weekly now instead of just one!)

I will be updating the Candids Photo Section 1 time weekly. Every Sunday with a new candid photo update.

New Guest Models are coming!! New Photos of Jennifer Maly, guest model on - She is one of my best girlfriends and exclusive to KrissysKitty website so you won't find her anywhere else but naked inside MY website!

Diary Updates...and more!!
Hella Pussy

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