idea for a lesbian shot

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idea for a lesbian shot

Post by josie_tyra on Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:31 pm

Ive got an idea for a new lesbian video: what about shooting a video with a girl who acts to be reluctant? like you try to do it with her, but she always resist. you put her on bed and sit on her and she isnt comfortable with the situation and always tries a bit to get away. or when you kiss her, she turns her dead to the side and you have to take her head and force the kiss on her. and when then you move your pussy to her mouth so she has to lick it while you fondle her pussy.
of course everything is just acted.
what do you think? is that a good idea?
btw, i dont mean any bondage and domination stuff. just a scene where you want to fuck a girl and she doesnt really want. and i also dont mean outright resistance like a real struggle. more like an unsure, shy girl who mildly tries to resist
ps it would work well if you take a girl who is smaller and looks weaker than you


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