Hi. I Am New Here.

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Hi. I Am New Here.

Post by VJDJ(GHerrera3) on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:05 am

Smile Hi. I am new here on Krissy Fan Forum. I am VJDJ here and I am from New York. The reason I am here is that I know Krissy in the old Spread4u.com or Cam Hotties (Cam Club) when it was sold to Cams.com. I met her in Cam Club and she is a very nice person.

Let me tell you about myself. Since I was a member with Phil-Flash, Phil had closed his site and the chat due to his marriage with his ex. One of my favorite model, K-K (Kristi Kitty) use to cam with Phil-Flash Chat Network. She said that she will have time off and she will be moving from Florida into another state. She was suppose to cam by now and she hasn't cammed for a while. I am assuming that she may retired without telling us that she is done. Krissy Love a.k.a. Ella use to cammed with Phil-Flash site had left her site as Krissy Love. Then she went to The Wet Peach site and cammed once. It has been discovered that Krissy Love have been retired recently.

I came from Ember Reigns Forum and I was banned by her forum. I was banned twice. I had a bad experience with Ember's Forum with the people didn't get along with me. After my ban, Ember had became an accomplice of getting rid of me in her forum and it really hurt my feelings and my heart. I couldn't believe a sexy beauty, married lady to see why she did it. I was shock and surprised that why Ember would do a thing to me and with other members. I met Ember in Cam Clique and she look good. When I joined her forum, at the beginning, she received me good. At the end after my ban, she got rid of me because of her people. Crying or Very sad

I had joined here a month ago and I haven't posted here for a while because I was so stress with the ban on Ember and Gisele forums. As far of my signature, I haven't created yet. But I will go over with Krissy if this is acceptable. I can't post anything until I get to know all this people here. But I will be posting here later on. The reason I join here is that Krissy has a site and I discovered that she is camming with Private Camz. I had joined Private Cams at the beginning of January and they want me to add money for chips. But if I joined Krissy site, then I will go on her chat without paying Private Cams. I will join her site in three month when I get a better job. Right now, the economy is bad. But I am looking for a job with a better pay. When I get one, then I will join Krissy in order to meet her and chat with her in Private Camz.

I am here. Very Happy

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