Getting Laid With The Pussycat

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Getting Laid With The Pussycat

Post by VJDJ(GHerrera3) on Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:53 am

I am going to write a fictitious story about me having sex with the pussycat. She is a model but under the website rules, I decided not to use any model name or title. This is the hard part.

This is how the story goes. I’ve gone on a date with the pussycat few times. We went to movies, somewhere to eat, we go to dance clubs, a friend, cousins, and family’s parties, sight-seeing, going on a ride, gambling, and traveling. When I was in Sweden, I really masturbated with the sweetish cat when she wear tight jean pants, short skirt, lingerie night dress, and high heels shoes alone in her house. Since I’ve done one of this, I decided between the female cat and I do something together.

VJDJ: XXXX. We went to all places with you and I really masturbated with you.

XXXX: Yeah babe, I really love you. You’re my man.Smile

VJDJ: Do you want to get laid with me?

XXXX: Sure honey. I wanted to do it with you someday when I met you.Razz

She took of her t-shirt, braw, and her black, and red stripe panty thong except for her short skirt. I took my clothes off and went slowly with her. My cock was hard for me. I felt blushed before I asked the pussycat for sex. So I put my cock into her pussy in. I really felt good when she was taking the juice out of me.

VJDJ: Oooohhh. Hmmm. Hphhhhh. Ooyeah….Mmm ooyeah. It feels good.

As my penis was hard and stiff, I felt a little pain when she strokes my penis with her pussy. Then I did a doggy style with her. After that, I slept with her.

But in my future in a real life when I get new girlfriend, I will be doing this at the end with her when she gets to know me better. Wink

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