I Came Back from Vacation

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I Came Back from Vacation

Post by VJDJ(GHerrera3) on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:14 am

Hi Folks;

I just came back from my vacation. First, I went to Florida with my family to see my brother John with his wife and two sons which are my nephews to celebrate my parents 50 golden wedding anniversary. We were there for three weeks in Florida busy taking photos and videos. Then I met my brotherís British Bulldog (Gazoo). When they pick us at the airport, I just saw Gazoo in my sister-in-lawís car and he started to lick my arms, face, and neck. But he was ticklish of his licks. Once I got his licks, it started itching my arms, neck, and then my eyes got irritated and itchy from his licks. When we got to my brotherís apartment, I put on my bathing suit trunks and go to the pool to wash out my face, my eyes, and my body from that sweat, itchy eyes and body. I swam for 1 hr to get my eyes clear from the dogís licks. When I went to my brotherís apartment, I went to take a bath and put some deodorant. When I changed, Gazoo was humping me on my legs and it was hard for me to pull away from him. So my brother pull Gazoo away from me, insult him and he is started to bark at my brother. So my brother had to put Gazoo in the cage for him to cool off. Gazoo in this case he is not fixed but he needs to be fixed and respect other people that he meets. I remembered last year that Gazoo went over my niece body and it was hard to pull away from my niece. But this dog look vicious to me but according to my brother, Gazoo is a nice dog and donít bother anybody. He just likes to play with other people and get attention with other.

When I came to New York, I went to Russia last week and then came in the afternoon yesterday to New York from Moscow, Russia. The reason I went to Russia is that the Sweetish Cat had invited me to meet her in Moscow and stay at her house. She lives by herself and she has a cat. She does private chat with the customer members. I flew with Aeroflot Russian Airlines airbus 330 from New York to Moscow. The flight from New York to Moscow was less than 9 hours. When I was in the A-330, we had three turbulence going in the east direction. The second one was when I lost my hearing and couldnít hear a thing for few minutes. My ears were muted as I was going deaf. Then in a couple of minutes, my hearing went back to normal. My flight to Russia was excellent with better meals (lunch in the evening and breakfast in the morning), one movie, and introducing ourselves to the stewards , captain on board the craft, and to everybody and saying that I am from New York and some people on the flight announce their name and where they are coming from.

When I arrived to Moscow, first; I went to immigration and they looked at my ruined passport.

Officer: Why your passport is ruined?

VJDJ: You see my passport got wet in my house in the window section where the water got in my passport.

Officer: I am going to charge you a fee of $25.00US for getting your passport ruined.

I paid the fee and I went to custom. After cleared custom, I went to the exit area and I saw the Sweetish Cat waiting for me. She hugged me and kissed me on my face. The Sweetish Cat seems a nice person and sociable as a family. I will tell you on my next post to see how it went with my Sweetish Cat.


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