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Plantation Tour and Models Visit

Post by VJDJ(GHerrera3) on Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:33 am

When I was in Russia, The Sweetish Cat 2 took me to meet her parents. She was speaking in them in Russian and Sweetish. But I could not understand what The Sweetish Cat 2 was talking to their parents.

Sweetish Cat 2: Мама и папа, это одним из моих друзей на моей приватной бормотушк. Его именем будет VJDJ.Smile
(Mom and Dad, this is one of my friends on my private chat. His name is VJDJ.)

Sweetish Cat 2 Father: Как вы делаете сынка?Wink (Speaking to me in Russian.)

Sweetish Cat 2: My father said, “how do you do son”?

VJDJ: Fine.Smile

Sweetish Cat 2: Он сказал, точно. (Speaking to her father in Russian).

Sweetish Cat 2 Mother: Здравствуйте!.Smile
[Hello. (Speaking to me in Russian)]

Sweetish Cat 2: Он от Соединенных Штатов. (He is from the United States.)

Sweetish Cat 2 Mother: Реально?(Really?)Smile

Sweetish Cat 2 Father: Vilken del av Förenta staterna kommer du från?
[What part of the United States you come from? (Speaking to me in Swedish)]

Sweetish Cat 2: Han är från den New York farsan.
(He is from New York Dad.)

Sweetish Cat 2 Father: Honung. Ta honom till kolonin med oss, och han ska har en stor tid. [Honey. Take him to plantation with us and he will have a great time.Smile (Speaking to her daughter in Swedish)

Sweetish Cat 2 Father: Du går att gilla det sonen. (Speaking to me in Swedish).Wink

Sweetish Cat 2: My father said, you’re going to like it there.

So I went to the Potato Plantation with The Sweetish Cat and her family. When I got to plantation, I brought my Swimming Trunk on with my Bermuda shorts. Then I saw the baby animal critters. There were 2 baby ducks and 2 small regular ones. Then I saw 2 baby goats and 2 rabbits. The sing said, “Do not touch the small critters, thank you” in English. There was another sign written in Russian about the critters. I forgot to take a picture of it. Also, there was a pony next to me. The Sweetish Cat took a picture of me standing next to the pony. The Sweetish Cat and I saw 2 ladies singing in Russian, Swedish, and English singing the American songs. One of the things I really regret was to take a picture of a comedian guy doing mimic and not taking. But I am going to check if The Sweetish Cat took a picture of him. After that, we had lunch. Then there was a Cockroach Lady dancing in the plantation area. But I really had a good time.

The next thing, The Sweetish Cat took me to meet couple of models that cams in, I’m Live, WebCams, Spread4u, Cam Club, Cam Hotties, etc… She introduces me to them.

Foxy: Hey VJ. It’s nice that you drop by here in Russia. How do you like here?Smile

VJDJ: Great. I am so confused about the language that they speak here.

Then The Sweetish Cat 2 took me to where The Sweetish Cat 1 lives.

Sweetish Cat 2: VJ. I am going to take you where The Sweetish Cat 1 lives. Okay. Remember, no one can know about this. Okay.

VJDJ: Sure.

So she took me where The Sweetish Cat 1 lives. When we got there, I saw her she was different. Also, I notice The Sweetish Cat 1 has the same tattoo in her both arms like The Sweetish Cat 2 has. Plus she looks different with her hairstyle curly and a little bit short. Her hair use to be long but it is now medium.

Sweetish Cat 1: Hi VJ. It’s nice to see you here in Russia. I really missed.Smile

She really hugged me and gave me a kiss on a cheek.

Sweetish Cat 1: Coming.

The sweetish Cat 2 and I went inside her house. Sweetish Cat 1 had brought me a drink of Coca Cola, ham sandwich, cookies, and potatoes.

VJDJ: So. Why haven’t you been camming for a while? I know you cammed last year at the beginning of the year and you haven’t cammed much.

Sweetish Cat 1: You see VJ; right now I am busy studying nursing. I have to hits with my books. I am taking summers classes now. I’ve done my semesters and I am in the summer one. This is why I suspended my camming with you guys. But I really missed you and I won’t be camming until I finished my studies in Nursing.

VJDJ: When did you got your tattoo as The Sweetish Cat 2 has now?

Sweetish Cat 1: I got it a year ago after I stopped camming. The Sweetish Cat 2 is replacing my cam shows for you guys. So how do you like Russia here VJ?

VJDJ: It’s great but the language I cannot understand what they’re saying.

Sweetish Cat 1: VJ. I am glad that you came to visit me here in Russia. But I have a contract with couple of my webmaster in, Spread4u, and other cam shows with them. I just don’t want you to tell the private cam shows that I met you in person. If they find out, they will block my account and you can be banned if you had joined with Cam Club, Cam Hotties, that are linked into if you meet me and The Sweetish Cat 2, and couple of models that works in the network.

Sweetish Cat 2: I already told VJ about this.

VJDJ: I remembered that you told me that in the private cam when we were in private.

You will see attachment of my photos of where I was in my vacation.

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