Fun With Sorority Life

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Fun With Sorority Life

Post by VJDJ(GHerrera3) on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:57 pm

I was fun with The Sorority Sister Forum and I had a great time playing a game in My Space. Unfortunately, due to my grammatical error and topics I create for this forum, other forums, and The Sorority Sister Forum; The admistrators from The Sorority Life Forum had permanent banned me because of couple of topics I was suppose to announce this week they found it offensive to them. I know for a fact that their forum is more restrictful than any other forum. That forum does not permit any sexual activity or any offensive material to them.

Since they will never lift my ban from The Sister Forum, I decided to create my own forum without penalizing anybody who I will invite them. The forum I am going to create is called, “The Sweetish Cutie Forum or The Sweetish Pussycat Forum”. I want to create a forum with the approval of Mary a.k.a. Sweetish Cutie and Mary a.k.a. Catty Wild (Waild Cat or Marry Babe). The Whole idea was in my mind. I haven’t talk to the model yet but I will talk to them if it okay with I create a forum of their title.

I wanted to tell the people from The Sister Forum that I am VJDJ and I want to invite my models friend there to that forum. But I guess it’s not for me or for my model friend to go there to register. I was going to invite my model friends there and my friends here in the forum but I found that forum is a serious business to them. The forum I am going to create will be better than what The Sister Forum have.

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