The Sweetish Hair Style

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The Sweetish Hair Style

Post by VJDJ(GHerrera3) on Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:54 pm

During the month of September 2010; Catty Wild went on vacation to see a family emergency in Sweden. She came back last week. Since Catty use to have her hair blonde, she changed her color hair dark brown. I remembered that when she told me in April of 2010. I am going to create a story, I donít know if is real or false. But I am going to assume is false. I dreamed about it when she was off cam in all cam networks.

Here is how my story goes. I remembered when I met Sweetish Cutie in September of 2008. This was the prettiest girl I ever met on the internet on She was sweet and friendly. When I went to her chat, she wanted me to chat with her and I did. When I look at her profile pictures, I discovered that she was a sexy girl who dresses sexy. Even with her schoolgirl outfit. So in my request, she did a schoolgirl cam show for me in pvt and did other sexy thing on pvt. In pvt, one thing that turn me off but I did not say it to anybody. She told me that she would love to get to know better. She asks me:

Sweetish Cutie: What is your name VJ?

So I told her my real name and who I was. I told her that one day we will meet one day and she told me that she doesnít meet people on the internet. She told me that there is a rule. I guess she is probably working with her webmaster and other cam network. This is what she told me and I didnít complain about it because I knew there wasnít a way to meet a model online in person. In Phil-Flash media when Phil was the webmaster of these model girls, in his note, it says:

Question: Are we supposed to meet with the models?

Answer: No.

When I was doing pvt with Sweetish Cutie, I remembered that she had her long red beautiful hair and straight. The last time I saw Sweetish Cutie before it was sold to was in the middle of February 2009. Then in March 2009 in I met another girl with the same name as Sweetish Cutie had. Both of these girls are named Mary. Mary The Sweetish Cutie and Mary The Waild Cat otherwise known as Catty Wild. When Sweetish Cutie was gone, I found a girl who can be on my fan club and I found it. Catty Wild was one of my favorite. Why? Because I now catty Wild is nice to me and others. She is also sweet too. Here is how my story goes. When Catty was in Sweden, she went to the beauty salon t change her hair style. Instead of cutting it, she grew her hair and straightens it just like Sweetish Cutie had. In the beauty salon, they grew her hair 3Ē long length with a chemical solution for growing hair. I know in barber shop and beauty salon they cut hair for men and women. But in the beauty parlor, they grow hair too. When I saw her back, I notice that her hair is long as Sweetish Cutie had.

Catty Wild: VJ.

Looking at her miniskirt on the webcam, she moved her webcam and shows me that she grew her hair in Sweden and changes the color red. Her hair was long, red, and straight as Sweetish Cutie had.

VJDJ: Mary. Youíre so beautiful.

Catty wild: Do you like it?

VJDJ: Catty. I love your hair. Did you grow it?

Catty Wild: Yes. When I was in Sweden with my family.

VJDJ: Catty Wild. I love your hair style. You look like Sweetish Cutie. I like you the way youíre.

In my dream, itís always good to see Catty with her long new hair as she looks different now. I was so proud that she made that decision for herself and for me (The King of Rock).Smile


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