Banned List of Jerks

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Banned List of Jerks

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:13 pm

The rules here at KrissysKitty Fan Forum are stated in the "General Rules" section clearly.
Most users feel these rules are common sense, however, others feel the need to break the rules.

Keep in mind that breaking the easy to follow forum rules and intentionally being disrespectful and rude to ANY model on this forum will automatically result in a BAN of your IP Address, email, and forum privileges. You will also be added to this BLACKLIST of JERKS as well.

KrissysKitty Fan Forum List of Banned Jerks

user: moon
IP Address:

user: jstar

user: dreville

As we encounter rule breakers, their information will be added to this blacklist.

Have a nice day browsing the forum and please keep this place positive!


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